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The gorge at Stony Brook State Park in western New York State is featured in my new novel, The Causative Factor, forthcoming in October, 2024.  The sneakers are featured too. 


Advance Praise for The Causative Factor, winner of the Petrichor Prize for finely crafted fiction:



"Suspenseful, original, and full of heart." Andrea Barrett, National Book Award winner, author of Natural History




"I couldn't stop turning the pages...A spellbinding novel." Margot Livesey, author of The Boy in the Field



"Haunting, stirring, and bracingly romantic, this is a novel to fall head over heels for." Liam Callanan, author of When in Rome



"Megan Staffel writes as gorgeously and movingly about the psychological legacies that inform our choices as she does about the way in which art and a deep attunement to nature allows us to create ourselves anew." Marisa Silver, author of The Mysteries



"Staffel deftly weaves a startling, artful story of how to make a life."  Tara Deal, author of Life/Insurance



"Megan Staffel's The Causative Factor is a singular, exquisitely written story of love sundered by circumstance and misunderstanding." Peter Selgin, author of A Boy's Guide to Outer Space