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Short Stories and Essays

(see links at left)

"Last Days of the Matriarch," a short story published in the New England Review, Volume 43.4


"In The Conditional Mood," a short story published in The Woven Tale Press, Volume IX, #7


"No One But Us," a short story published in The New England Review, volume 38, #3

"Music," a short story published in The Cortland Review, Issue 74

Interview at Four Way Review

"Arrogance," a short story published in The New England Review, vol.34, #2, fall 2013 ****Megan Staffel stuns with her intimate portrayal of motherhood in the short story, "Arrogance."***Paragraphshorts.com

"Mischief," a short story published in The Common, fall issue, 2013

(see links at left)

"Music," The Cortland Review, Issue 74

"Arrogance," New England Review, Volume 34, #2

"Mischief," The Common, issue 06

An essay on craft, "The Other Place," Cerise Press, spring 2013

"Saturdays at the Philharmonic," story and audio recording, Four Way Review, Issue Two

"Messenger," New England Review

"Salt," "Lessons in Another Language," "A Length of Wire," "The Provider," Ploughshares


"Arrogance," The New England Review, Vol. 34, #2

"The Tertium Quid," New England Review, Volume 32, #4

"The Children Creature," Seattle Review, Vol. 2, #2 &3

"Mocked and Invaded,"New England Review, Vol. 31, #1

"Leaving the Meadows," Northwest Review, Vol. 47, #3

"Salt," Ploughshares, winter, 2008

"The Yes Column," Gargoyle 51

"Lessons in Another Language," Ploughshares, spring, 1999

"The Ocean," Kansas Quarterly, vol. 11, #3

"A Length of Wire," Ploughshares, vol.5, #3

"The Provider,"Ploughsares, vol. 2, #2


"The Other Place," Cerise Press, Spring 2013; this essay is archived at cerisepress.com. (Use link at left)

"In the Garden: Revealing a Character at a Moment of Change," A Kite In the Wind, Fiction Writers on Their Craft, edited by Andrea Barrett and Peter Turchi, Trinity University Press, 2011

"Dear Laurie": How to use the uncertainty that accompanies getting started. Published in: Letters to A Fiction Writer, edited by Frederick Busch, W.W. Norton, 1990